Tissue Processing and Imaging Laboratory

The Tissue Processing and Imaging Laboratory is equipped with histology equipment to embed and cut paraffin and frozen tissue sections with a Tissue Tek VIP Tissue Processor, Thermo microtome MH325, Harvard Apparatus vibratome, and Leica CM1850UV cryostat. Five laser capture microdissection systems in the laboratory are used to isolate enriched cell populations under direct microscopic visualization (2 Arcturus XT Automated Laser Capture Microdissection Systems, and 3 Arcturus PixCell II/IIe Laser Capture Microdissection Systems). A cytospin centrifuge and RoboSep magnetic cell sorting instrument are also available for processing biological fluids.
Imaging capabilities include an Olympus BX51 microscope outfitted with a digital camera, phase contrast and fluorescence, as well as an Olympus BX51 dual head, light microscope with a digital camera.