Mason Start-Ups

AexeRNA Therapeutics (founded in 2020)

AexeRNA Therapeutics is developing novel mRNA therapeutics and vaccines, leveraging a proprietary high-potency targetable mRNA lipid nanoparticle delivery platform technology: the AexLNP System. The AexLNP System consists of a rapidly screenable rationally designed library of highly potent ionizable AexLipids having low reactogenicity and the AexBoost LNP potency multiplying manufacturing process. The AexLNP System is currently being further developed to provide ligand-mediated cell/tissue targeting.

Ceres Nanosciences, Inc. (founded in 2008)

Ceres Nanosciences, Inc. commercializes the novel Nanotrap® technology, developed by a collaboration of scientists from the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine, and Italy’s ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanitá). The Nanotrap® ESP particles are commercially available to researchers as a sample preparation kit targeting low molecular weight proteins and peptides. The Nanotrap® technology is also being applied to develop molecular diagnostic products, including a high sensitivity test for Lyme disease.

NIRView Biosciences, Inc. (founded in 2023)

NIRView Biosciences, Inc. is committed to addressing complex challenges in the realm of medical imaging. Their objective is to furnish researchers and clinicians with specialized contrast agents tailored to meet their photoacoustic imaging requirements. They offer cutting-edge imaging tools to enhance pre-clinical imaging models and contribute to advancements in clinical imaging, including innovations in tumor margin imaging.

Targeted Pharmaceuticals (founded in 2018)

Targeted Pharmaceuticals is a cannabinoid-based drug discovery company. Their goal is to bring precision medicine and real science to the cannabis industry by linking the molecular structure of humans to cannabinoid compounds.

Teahorse, Inc. (founded in 2019)

Teahorse Inc.’s mission is to help people who are suffering from illness by using machine learning to recommend personalized treatments with the highest rates of success. To execute on this mission, they’ve created U, a smart and convenient digital doctor. In the future, U will allow anybody to, at the click of a button, instantly share their medical history and in return, receive personalized, actionable health recommendations.

Theralink Technologies (founded in 2005)

Theralink Technologies brings industry-transforming proteomic technology to precision medicine. They intend to improve cancer outcomes for patients, reveal therapeutic options for oncologists, and support biopharmaceutical drug development by using a beyond-genomic approach to molecular profiling.

Virongy (founded in 2013)

Virongy serves the virology field by developing virological reagents and tools that support research and clinical investigation. Their mission is to provide scientists and clinicians with innovative technologies for studying viruses and viral vectors. Virongy’s services meet the highest academic and industry standards, and help facilitate scientific discoveries, clinical diagnostics, and disease treatment.

Other Start-Ups

Monet Pharmaceuticals
Targeted Biosciences Inc., merged with Fluidigm
Viropeutics LLC