The Institute for Biohealth Innovation's (IBI's) team continues to support the IBI community and research operations. Explore COVID-19 funding and research opportunities, as well as communications details surrounding the crisis.

IBI: Powering Partnerships

The Institute for Biohealth Innovation (IBI) promotes and supports biohealth-related research activities of faculty, staff, and students at George Mason University. The IBI connects Mason researchers in biohealth with potential collaborators, both within the university and externally, to advance human health research. Our world-class research community works hand-in-hand with individuals and organizations in the health and wellbeing industries to develop new technologies and interventions. We represent a melting pot of disciplines, including cancer, infectious diseases, brain and behavior, injury and performance, policy, economics, reproductive and family health, and cardiovascular and metabolic studies. 

Dr. Caroline Sutter from @MasonCHHS, co-director of the Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics, talks about the crucial support MAP Clinics have provided to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. #womenbuildingbio

Elliott Francis from @IAmBiotech shares how only 8% of venture capital funds go to women and how this must change. Thank you to our male leaders who are also supporting women and diversity. #womenbuildingbio