Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Spectroscopy Laboratory is equipped with 1) Jasco FP-8300 Spectrofluorometer w/ Peltier temperature control and polarizers, 2) Jasco FTIR4100 Infrared Spectrometer w/ Peltier temperature control and protein secondary structure prediction software, 3) Bio-Tek Eon Microplate Spectrophotometer, 4) Molecular Devices SpectraMax Gemini EM Microplate Spectrofluorometer, 5) Tecan Spark 10M Spectrophotometer w/ AlphaScreen and chemiluminescence, 6) Rudolph AUTOPOL IV Polarimeter, 7) Rudolph J357 Automatic Refractometer, and 8) Jasco J-1500 Spectropolarimeter.