Jun Liu




Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research,
10920 George Mason Circle, MSN 4C7,
Manassas, VA 20110

Jun Liu serves as the scientific operations specialist at the Institute for Biohealth Innovation. She obtained the WMFO license from the Board for Waste Management Facility Operators, and she works closely with researchers, EHS, and contractors to ensure all waste autoclaves at the Science and Technology campus are in good, working condition. Jun is also in charge of receiving and distributing research materials and built the electronic system to manage this task efficiently. Prior to working at the IBI, she worked as a laboratory instrument specialist at the Shared Research Instrumentation Facility at Mason for 10 years. Jun has extensive experience in providing research assistance to students and administrative assistance to faculty and staff as well.

Jun received her M.S. in Chemistry at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Two years later, she received her second M.S. in Computer Science from the same institution.