College of Public Health

Y. Alicia Hong, PhD


PhD, Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Key Interests
Digital Intervention | mHealth | Social Media | Patient Engagement | Chronic Self-Care

Research Focus

My research is focused on two interrelated areas: 1) design and evaluate low-cost digital interventions for disease screening and chronic condition management: I have developed interactive and personalized behavioral intervention programs on mobile apps and social media platforms; and 2) examine health communication in the digital context, including online patient- provider communication and health information exchange on social media. My research has been funded by DHHS-OMH, NIH, CDC, HRSA, and private foundations, and I have published 100+ peer-reviewed research articles.

Current Projects

■ Social media-based HBV screening and liver cancer prevention

■ COVID health literacy improvement in underserved minority communities

■ Patient engagement on telehealth settings

Select Publications

Y Guo et al., Effect of a WeChatbased intervention (Run4Love) on depressive symptoms among people living with HIV in China: randomized controlled trial. J Med Internet Res 22(2), e16715 (2020).

Y. A. Hong et al., Digital interventions to facilitate patient‐provider communication in cancer care:a systematic review. Psycho‐Oncology (2019).

Y. A. Hong et al., What do patients say about doctors online? A systematic review of studies on patient online reviews. J Med Internet Res 21(4), e12521 (2019).

S. Jiang & Y. A. Hong, Mobilebased patient‐provider communication in cancer survivors: the roles of health literacy and patient activation. Psycho-Oncology 27(3), 886-91 (2018).


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