College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tara Chaplin, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Center for Adaptive Systems of Brain-Body Interactions (CASBBI)

PhD, Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Key Interests
Substance Use | Adolescence | Sex Differences | Emotion | Brain Imaging | Parenting | Family Conflict | Stress

Research Focus

My research interests are in the role of emotional arousal and regulation in the development of substance use and psychopathology in adolescence. I am also interested in the role of the family in adolescent emotional development. My research incorporates multiple methods to study emotion, including self-report, observation, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and neuroimaging.

Current Projects

■ Efficacy and neurobiological mechanisms of a parenting-focused mindfulness intervention to prevent adolescent substance use (NIH Grant R01DA047992)

■ Examining effects of parenting on adolescents’ emotion-related brain function using fMRI (NIH grant R01DA033431-06)

Select Publications

Chaplin, T. M. et. al. (2019). Sex‐differentiated associations among negative parenting, emotion‐related brain function, and adolescent substance use and psychopathology symptoms. Soc. Dev., 28(3), 637-656.

Chaplin, T. M. et. al. (2014). Prenatal cocaine exposure differentially affects stress responses in girls and boys: Associations with future substance use. Dev. Psychopathol., 27(1), 163-180.

Chaplin, T. M., & Aldao, A. (2013). Gender differences in emotion expression in children: A meta-analytic review. Psychol. Bull., 139(4), 735-765.

Chaplin, T. M. et. al. (2012). Parent-adolescent conflict interactions and adolescent alcohol use. Addict. Behav., 37(5), 605-612.


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