College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tara Chaplin, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Center for Adaptive Systems of Brain-Body Interactions (CASBBI)

PhD, Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Key Interests
Substance Use | Adolescence | Sex Differences | Emotion | Brain Imaging | Parenting | Family Conflict | Stress

Research Focus

My research interests are in the role of emotional arousal and regulation in the development of substance use and psychopathology in adolescence. I am also interested in the role of the family in adolescent emotional development. My research incorporates multiple methods to study emotion, including self-report, observation, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and neuroimaging.

Current Projects

■ Examining effects of parenting on adolescents’ emotion-related brain function using fMRI (NIH grant R01 DA033431-06)

■ Examining effects of a parenting-focused mindfulness intervention on parents’ emotion-related brain function and on their parenting behaviors (NIH grant R34-DA034823).

Select Publications

T. M. Chaplin et al., Sex- differentiated associations among negative parenting, emotion-related brain function, and adolescent substance use and psychopathology symptoms. Soc Dev. (accepted for publication).

T. M. Chaplin et al., Prenatal cocaine exposure differentially affects stress responses in girls and boys: associations with future substance use. Dev Psychopathol. 27,163-180 (2015).

T. M. Chaplin & A. Aldao, Gender differences in emotion expression in children: a meta-analytic review. Psychol Bull. 139, 735-765 (2013).

T. M. Chaplin et al., Parent- adolescent conflict interactions and adolescent alcohol use. Addict Behav. 37, 605-612 (2012).


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