Katie Maney




Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research,
10920 George Mason Circle, MSN 4C7,
Manassas, VA 20110

Katie Maney is a Science Communications Officer at the Institute for Biohealth Innovation. Her passion for gaming and art led her to a hobby in web design, and she is very proud to have contributed to the overhaul of the IBI website.

Katie graduated from George Mason University, where she double majored in Communication and Psychology. Throughout her internships in college, she was given the opportunity to write, which she has enjoyed doing from a young age. She was thrilled to accept an offer to return to Mason, this time as an employee. She now builds websites and writes articles, which, to her, is the best of both worlds.

Katie lives in Vienna, Virginia. She is currently pursuing her goal of participating in as many penguin encounters as possible.