College of Health and Human Services

Priyanka Anand, PhD


PhD, Economics, Yale University

Key Interests
Health Economics | Disability | Employment | Safety Net Programs | Vulnerable Populations

Research Focus

My research examines the provision of safety net and support services to vulnerable populations,
with a particular focus on people with disabilities. One branch of my research seeks to better
understand the effectiveness of government safety net programs in terms of labor market impacts, how benefit programs interact with each other, and the impacts of administrative burden. Another branch of my research examines the labor supply impacts of supports for people with disabilities, such as workplace accommodations, vocational rehabilitation, and paid caregiving leave.

Current Projects

■ Examining caregiving and labor supply decisions after a spouse’s disability or health shock

■ Examining the relationship between the notification of a work-related overpayment debt and the subsequent work activity of Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries

■ Examining whether expanding Medicaid eligibility affects the employment patterns and academic progress of college students

Select Publications

Anand, P. et. al. (2018). The impact of Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansions on applications to federal disability programs. Forum for Health Economics and Policy, 21(2).

Anand, P. (2016). Health insurance costs and employee compensation: Evidence from the national compensation survey. Health Economics, 26(12), 1601-1616.

Anand, P., & Sevak, P. (2017). The role of workplace accommodations in the employment of people with disabilities. IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 6(1).

Anand, P., & Ben-Shalom, Y. (2014). How do working-age people with disabilities spend their time? New evidence from the American time use survey. Demography, 51(6), 1977-1998.


Peterson Hall, 4408 Patriot Circle, Fairfax, VA 22030