College of Science

Jason Kinser, D.Sc.


D.Sc., Optics and Electro-Optical Systems, Southeastern Institute of Technology

Key Interests
Image Operators | Image Analysis | Multi-domain Data Retrival | Pulse-coupled Neural Network

Research Focus

Data is available through many different types of sensors. A single event can generate images, text, numerical data, video, and audio data. Furthermore, an event can be linked to previous knowledge and published works. Common database search engines tend to extract results from single domains and combine the results after the initial searches. The research at Mason is developing methods by which to concurrently query multiple domains. The different types of data interact during the query. The purpose is to identify relationships which are difficult to detect in the current methods.

Current Projects

■ A recent ongoing project is to develop a concise and efficient mathematical language for image analysis protocols.

Select Publications

J. M. Kinser, Image operators: image processing in Python (CRC Press, 2018).

■ J. M. Kinser, Computational methods for bioinformatics: Python 3.4 (2017).

■ T. Linblad et al., Image processing using pulse-coupled neural networks (Springer-Verlag, London, ed. 3, 2013).

J. M. Kinser, Kinematic labs with mobile devices (Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2015), IOP Concise Physics.


Research Hall | 10401 York River Road, Fairfax, VA 22030