Schar School of Policy and Government

Faye Taxman, PhD

University Professor | Faculty Fellow

PhD, Criminology, Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice

Key Interests
Criminology | Substance Abuse | Behavioral Health | Implementation Science | Intervention Development | Translational Science | Dissemination | Experiments

Research Focus

My work focuses on the development of seamless systems-of-care models that link the criminal justice system with other health and other service delivery systems, reengineering probation and parole supervision services, and implementation science. I have conducted experiments to examine different processes to improve treatment access and retention, assess new models of probation supervision consistent with RNR frameworks, and develop and test new interventions. I have active “laboratories” with numerous agencies including Virginia Department of Corrections, Alameda County Probation Department (CA), Hidalgo County Community Corrections Department (TX), North Carolina Department of Corrections, and Delaware Department of Corrections. The translational RNR Simulation Tool ( was developed to assist agencies to increase uptake of evidence-based treatments and practices. I practice engaged research collaborations that are rich mechanisms and expedite the lab-to-field efforts. This has led to over 200 publications.

Current Projects

■ Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN): NIDA funded center to develop, test, examine and improve implementation and dissemination of systems of care (justice-health integration).

■ NIMH Stepping Up Evaluation: Study of 900 counties and the reforms that affect policy and practice to advance the capacity of communities to serve the mentally ill instead of using prison or jail.

■ Practice Guidelines in Supervision: Arnold Venture funded study to develop practice guidelines in probation supervision to improve outcomes of supervisees with special needs (i.e. SUD, etc.).

■ RNR Simulation Tool ( Development of a translational toolkit to advance the treatment of individuals in the justice system, and to inform system policies.

Select Publications

F. S. Taxman & S. Belenko, Implementing evidence-based practices in community corrections and addiction treatment (Springer, New York, NY, 2012).

S. Belenko et al., The juvenile justice behavioral health services cascade: a new framework for measuring unmet substance use treatment services needs among adolescent offenders. J Subst Abuse Treat 74 (2017).

J. Viglione et al., Misalignment in supervision: implementing risk/needs assessment instruments in probation. Crim Justice Behav 42(3), 263–285 (2015).

F. S. Taxman & M. Caudy, Risk tells us who, but not what or how: empirical assessment of the complexity of criminogenic needs to inform correctional programming. Criminal Public Pol 14(1), 71-103 (2015).


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