College of Engineering and Computing

Cameron Nowzari, PhD


PhD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego

Key Interests
Systems | Control | Robotics | Dynamics | Sensors | Computation | Epidemiology | Public Health | Network Protection | Marketing

Research Focus

My research interests are in the broad areas of dynamics, controls, and robotics. More specifically, I am interested in the analysis and control of complex distributed and/or networked systems and spreading processes. My motivations include minimizing energy or wireless communication, efficient computation of control strategies or decisions, and the use of sparse sensing and/or control. My work has applications in a wide number of areas, including mobile sensors, autonomous robots, allocation of resources, public health and epidemiology, network protection, and marketing campaigns.

Current Projects

■ Networked Meta-Population Modeling and Analysis for COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic is caused by a novel coronavirus, which was only identified in December 2019. Due to the novelty of the virus and the speed at which it swept the world, not only did we know very little about the virus, but we also had very little data. This project addresses the rapidly evolving modeling problem for COVID-19. The outcomes of this project will be novel stochastic and deterministic networked meta-population models, as opposed to the commonly seen lumped population models. The models developed will expand simple Susceptible-Infected-Removed (SIR) models to capture a number of different properties specific to COVID-19 by adding more compartments and studying network effects more rigorously.

Select Publications

Mubarak, M. et al. (2021). Stochastic vs. Deterministic Modeling for the Spread of COVID-19 in Small Networks. American Control Conference.

Nowzari, C. et al. (2016). Analysis and control of epidemics: A survey of spreading processes on complex networks. IEEE Control Systems, 36(1), 26-46.


Nguyen Engineering Building | 4511 Patriot Circle, Fairfax, VA 22030