College of Public Health

Alison Cuellar, PhD


PhD, Health Services and Policy Analysis, University of California, Berkeley

Key Interests
Health Policy | Hospitals | Physician Practice | Mental Health | Substance Abuse | Juvenile Justice | Medicaid | Vulnerable Populations | Merger

Research Focus

I have extensive research experience in health care systems, Medicaid, mental health, and justice involved populations. Contributions include work on identifying and evaluating new organizational forms, such as hospital systems and physician alliances, and their effects on quality, efficiency, costs, prices, and technology adoption. In other work supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, I examined the intersection of behavioral health and the juvenile justice systems; on Medicaid policies and their impact on justice-involved youth and youth with behavioral health problems; on mental health courts as an innovative alternative for juvenile delinquents; and on health care services for incarcerated youth and adults returning to the community. I also serve on the Centers for Disease Control’s Community Preventive Services Task Force.

Current Projects

■ A project to examine a data integration initiative around opioid use and prevention.

■ A project to examine the effect of physician group consolidation on specialist choice.

■ A project to examine the Impact of Direct-to-Consumer, Video Telemedicine on cost and quality of care to patients.

■ The impact of a price transparency tool on patients’ health care seeking behavior

Select Publications

A. Cueller et al., Causal effects of mental health treatment on education outcomes for youth in the justice system. Economics of Education Review 54, 321-339 (2016).

A. E. Cueller et al., School suspension and the school-to- prison pipeline. International Review of Law and Economics 43, 98-106 (2015).

A. Cueller et al., Boosting workplace wellness programs with financial incentives. American Journal of Managed Care 23(10), 604-610 (2017).

W. P. Welch et al., Proportion of physicians in large group practices continued to grow in 2009–11, Health Affairs 32(9), 1659-1666 (2013).


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