SSB Colloquium Speaker Series: Leishmania RNA Virus 1 Gains Envelope Upon Hijacking Leishmania Exosomal Pathway

November 30, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Dr. Fatah Kashanchi
(703) 993-9160

Speaker: Dr. Martin Oliver, Professor,  McGill University

BIO: My research focuses on understanding how pathogens can evade the host immune response by manipulating the biochemical cascades involved in the regulation of phagocyte microbicidal functions. My pathogens of interest are protozoan parasites causing malaria, which causes up to two millions deaths annually, and leishmaniasis, which affects more than 250 million individuals worldwide. I have found that leishmania can tame the innate inflammatory response of the host, using its surface protease that can also be contained in microvesicules rapidly released within the host environment. For Malaria, my research revealed that a crystalline metabolic waste (HZ) of the parasite was responsible for a great number of inflammation-related pathologies encountered during this important infection. My lab’s findings may lead to the development of new therapies against those infectious agents, which could be applied to others such as tuberculosis. They might also lead to the development of new diagnostic tools based on exo-biomarkers, and potentially to vaccine development.

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